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Women's wellness clinic Lancashire

Women’s Wellness

Women’s Wellness clinic in Lancashire: As we women get older, our bodies can change in many ways and not all of these changes are visible.

In some cases, vaginal laxity and sagging of the inner walls can cause problems both physically as well as create problems with personal relationships. Sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness and a lack of sensitivity in this area can occur. In the past, it was considered something to ‘suffer in silence’ and to just see it as a part of the natural ageing process.

However, here at Dr Sobia Medispa in Clitheroe, Lancashire, Dr Sobia Syed and her team don’t believe that women’s wellness should be ignored or taken lightly. This is why we offer several innovative and highly-effective treatments to address what can be an embarrassing issue for many women of a certain age, or women who have recently had children.

Problems with sagging in the intimate areas are usually the result of the collagen and elastin fibres breaking down and a depletion of these substances in the walls of the vagina. Other contributing factors include weight fluctuation, childbirth, some medication as well as hormonal changes and certain lifestyle choices. As vaginal laxity can affect sensations for both partners during sex, it can cause deeper and significant emotional issues over time, if not addressed.

Women’s Wellness: Ultra Femme 360 for vaginal rejuvenation

Ultra Femme 360 is an advanced, non-invasive and medically proven device-led vaginal rejuvenation treatment which can restore the physical health in the female intimate region and to alleviate the many symptoms associated with vaginal laxity. Ultra Femme 360 is a completely safe, proven alternative to invasive surgical procedures (Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty).

It works by emitting radio-frequency heat energy, via the device hand piece. When this is glided along the vaginal canal, using a specially formulated tip, the area warms to a temperature of around 40 degrees. A warming sensation will be experienced in both the internal and external areas of the vagina (depending on which treatment is applied) but this is not uncomfortable.

The radio-frequency energy increases the blood flow to the vaginal area and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres, which, over time and a course of treatments, will result in tighter and more toned, youthful feeling skin. Both the outer and inner areas can be successfully treated with Ultra Femme 360.

The whole treatment takes around 8 and 20 minutes and you will be fully-awake throughout. There is no downtime or side-effect, so you can return to your daily activities immediately after having a treatment.

Ultra Femme 360 can treat the following concerns:

  • Plumping, lifting and firming of the labia
  • Tightening of the vaginal opening and vaginal canal
  • Tightening of the perineum
  • Increased blood flow to the clitoris
  • Loss of lubrication and sensation within the vagina

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Women’s Wellness: O-Shot® for Sexual Dysfunction 

Whilst those who experience sexual dysfunction may have the desire to have sex, they find it difficult to get aroused. Many women suffer in silence and feel embarrassed to discuss this issue and over time can suffer low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in personal relationships. The O-Shot® (also known as Orgasm Shot®), available here at Dr Sobia Medispa is a pioneering non-surgical procedure which can help increase sexual pleasure and also rejuvenate the vaginal area.

How does the O-Shot® work?

A sample of your own blood is taken, usually via the vein in your arm. This is then injected back into the vaginal area. The platelet-rich blood helps to trigger healthier vaginal tissue overtime and in a course of treatment. As a result, you can expect to experience an improvement in sexual sensation and pleasure.

What can the O-Shot® treat?

  • Low sex drive
  • Difficulty in arousal or reaching orgasm
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Discomfort or even pain during sex

Women’s wellness clinic in Lancashire at Dr Sobia Medispa

Before any treatment for vaginal laxity can begin here at Dr Sobia Medispa, Dr Sobia will ask that you attend a no obligation consultation, so that she can assess your individual requirements, concerns, check your medical history and explain Ultra Femme 360 and the O-Shot® in detail, so you can both decide on which treatment would be suitable and effective for you.

Loss of vaginal laxity doesn’t have to be suffered in silence. Female wellness is one of our top priorities at Dr Sobia Medispa and we can offer life-changing results with our armoury of proven, tested and innovative treatments.

Contact us today in confidence for more information, or to book a no-obligation consultation.

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