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01200 760525 | hello@drsobiamedispa.co.uk

01200 760525 | hello@drsobiamedispa.co.uk

Thread Lift Dr Sobia Medispa Clitheroe Lancashire

Thread Lift by Dr Sobia Syed – As seen in Lancashire Life

This article first appeared in the March edition of Lancashire Life

Based in Clitheroe Dr Sobia Syed of Dr Sobia Medispa, lifts and tightens sagging skin with long-lasting, showstopping results. Dr Sobia Medispa (formerly CareforSkin Aesthetics) was Commended Best Clinic North England 2019, and also the winner of the Highly Commended Ribble Valley Business Awards 2019.

With age, our skin tends to lose its shape and elasticity around the mid and lower face and around the neck. This results in loose, sagging skin. Dr Sobia Syed provides the revolutionary thread lift treatment, which is helping her patients fight the signs of ageing as time and gravity take their toll.

Dr Sobia Syed is medical director of the award-winning clinic Dr Sobia Medispa (formerly CareforSkin Aesthetics) in Clitheroe, and is using PDO threads to lift sagging skin, improve skin texture and reduce visible lines and wrinkles. Patients say they look and feel younger and more confident. The procedure smooths out lines and wrinkles, restores facial structure and volume and importantly stimulates collagen production.

PDO threads are precisely inserted into tiny incisions, before being tightened and left under the skin. The threads are naturally dissolved into the body over time, but the result remains. Thread lifts require very little downtime compared to a traditional surgical facelift, and patients return to normal activities within days, not weeks. This is a key reason patients are choosing thread lifting over invasive surgery.

As well as a lifting effect, PDO threads can stimulate the body to produce collagen and elastin, which gives structure and will maintain results of the thread lift long after the thread has dissolved. Dr Syed can advise on how many threads a patient may require to achieve their desired outcomes. The procedure us fast and effective, with instantly visible results.

Treatment areas

A thread lift is most commonly performed on the face:

  • Full facelift
  • Midface: lines running from nose to mouth
  • Brow lift
  • Jawline contouring
  • Neck lift and tightening

Dr Syed can also use threads to lift and tighten areas of sagging skin on the body:

Ideal patients are male or female, between the ages of 35-65, but individual suitability must be discussed at a consultation with Dr Syed. At the consultation, she will also check that you are fit and well to undergo the thread lift, as well as discussing any potential side-effects and aftercare requirements.

Every patient who visits Dr Syed is unique, so results do vary. A typical thread lift lasts between 12-18 months.

Some patients opt for using PDO threads in combination with dermal fillers, skin boosters or device-led treatments to get the result they desire. This can be discussed during the consultation.

Are thread lifts safe?

Thread lifts are a regulated procedure in the UK. Always check your practitioner is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) clinic before proceeding. Dr Sobia Medispa is proud to be CQC-regulated, ensuring that the procedure is performed in a clean, hygiene and safe environment, ensuring a safe and positive experience.

Book a no-obligation consultation

To find out more about thread lifting and what it could do for you, contact the friendly team at Dr Sobia Medispa today to book an appointment with Dr Sobia Syed at our award-winning Clitheroe clinic. Contact us today.

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