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How To Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation

Wondering how to get rid of hyperpigmentation? Tired of darker patches of skin on your face? Is hyperpigmentation affecting your self-esteem? Then you’ll be glad to know there are non-surgical treatments that can help. 

Hyperpigmentation is a common condition that can cause dark areas to appear on your skin. While these patches are often noticeable and difficult to cover up, they’re usually harmless.

If you’re concerned that you may develop hyperpigmentation or that your dark patches may worsen, don’t worry. There are a number of treatments and preventatives that can help to get rid of hyperpigmentation and reduce its impact on your confidence. 

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

To get rid of hyperpigmentation you first need to understand what hyperpigmentation is and what it looks like. 

It’s a common skin complaint for both men and women and can occur on all skin tones and types. The severity of hyperpigmentation is down to the individual, but most often appears as darker sections of skin on the face. 

These discoloured areas can darken over time to become more noticeable and develop in all shapes and sizes. Most often hyperpigmentation will appear in penny-sized patches on the cheeks, forehead and chin, but for some, the affected areas can be much larger and spread across more of your face. 

It’s less common, but hyperpigmentation can also appear on your body, particularly on your hands and arms. Sometimes, hyperpigmentation can look like small areas of tanned skin that are just a few shades different from your normal skin tone, but it can also be much darker. 

However hyperpigmentation appears on your skin, there are a few reasons that explain why it happens.


Why Hyperpigmentation Happens

It can be frustrating when you notice these dark areas and you want to get rid of hyperpigmentation fast, but knowing the causes can help you understand which treatment will work best for your skin.

Melasma (or chloasma) is a common cause of hyperpigmenation. The darker pigmentation can be a result of hormonal imbalances, often caused by hormone changes during pregnancy, menopause or other hormonal conditions in women. 

Melasma is often called ‘the mask of pregnancy’ because it most commonly occurs when you’re pregnant. For some, the skin discolouration will fade following birth, but for others, it’s more challenging to get rid of hyperpigmentation. 

If hormonal changes are not at the root of your hyperpigmentation, then sun damage may be. Harmful UV rays from the sun can damage your skin even on cloudy, cold days, which is why wearing appropriate sunscreen is essential to protect your skin. 

For some people who have had lifelong exposure to the sun, hyperpigmentation can appear earlier in life and worsen more quickly if UV damage continues. 

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is another common issue and is a result of your skin suffering from inflammation. Things like eczema and acne can lead to an inflammatory response from your skin, and you sometimes find that once your skin has recovered from the inflammation, pigmented dark patches appear on your face. 

As you can see hyperpigmentation is not always preventable and can vary in severity, but there are simple ways to reduce its appearance.

How To Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation

At Home 

Because hyperpigmentation is such a common skin issue, there are many home remedies available that claim to reduce dark spots including pigmentation, age spots and liver spots.

Some of these remedies include using apple cider vinegar on the dark patches twice daily, as the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar may help to lighten darker skin areas. 

Using milk to dab onto hyperpigmentation spots is a common household treatment that’s easy to do. It’s thought that the lactic acid in milk can also lighten dark spots. 

Overall, these treatments are easy to do but may not help much. A skincare professional will be able to provide effective and safe treatments that are proven to get results. 

Professional Treatment

To get rid of hyperpigmentation a professional skin clinician can offer you a range of treatment options, including:

  • Chemical Peels

Skin peels may sound scary, but they are very safe and effective. They simply remove the top problem layer of skin, promoting your skin to naturally repair itself. 

A chemical solution is applied to your skin, this causes the top layer of skin to peel, reducing hyperpigmentation and the appearance of other skin conditions. 

Learn more about chemical skin peels here. 

  • Hydrafacial

The HydraFacial treatment at Dr. Sobia Medispa exfoliates, cleanses and deeply hydrates your skin to leave you with a noticeably refreshed complexion. 

By simultaneously hydrating the skin with peptides while extracting impurities and dead cells, the HydraFacial treatment improves your skin tone and can be tailored to your unique skin complaints. 

Learn more about the HydraFacial here. 

  • Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is an efficient, simple exfoliation treatment that involves gently removing the top layer of dead skin on the face. It then leaves your skin looking younger, smoother, and refreshed. The body generates new, less pigmented cells.

This is done by carefully stroking a blade against your face to effectively shave off skin cells and fine hairs. The results of dermaplaning are immediate, leaving your skin glowing with health while diminishing any discolouration you may have. 

Learn more about this treatment here. 

  • Cynosure Laser for Pigmentation

Laser treatment offers a safe and effective solution for hyperpigmentation. Using advanced laser technology, we can target and eliminate any unwanted brown spots or patches of pigmentation. 

The laser energy is delivered into the deeper layers of skin. Stimulating skin regeneration and through your body’s natural healing process, reducing the appearance of skn pigmentation and revealing clearer, smoother skin. 

To learn more about Cynosure Laser for Pigmentation click here…

Need A Little Help?

Are you looking to get rid of hyperpigmentation but you’re still uncertain which treatment will give you real results? 
Our skincare experts at Dr. Sobia Medispa are on hand to help you discover the best solution for your skin issues. At our luxurious and dedicated clinic in Clitheroe, Lancashire we offer state-of-the-art treatments that will transform your skin and your confidence. Book your consultation to take the first step to skin freedom.