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01200 760525 | hello@drsobiamedispa.co.uk

01200 760525 | hello@drsobiamedispa.co.uk

01200 760525 | hello@drsobiamedispa.co.uk

Fat Loss, Skin Tightening & Body Contouring

We all have insecurities about our body, it may be wobbly thighs, a saggy neck or upper arms that could do with firming. These are all difficult areas to treat and most of us do not want to undergo complicated surgery. Dealing with loose skin and stubborn body fat can be difficult however, there is a solution which is painless and there is no downtime either with this award winning treatment. CareforSkin Aesthetics has recently added the BTL Exilis Ultra to their portfolio of anti-ageing treatments. It is a clinically and scientifically proven treatment for contouring, tightening and fat reduction.

Exilis Ultra – A Ribble Valley First

“Exilis Ultra face and body contouring and tightening treatment will improve skin laxity, texture and permanently reduce fat. This is an FDA approved device, which is a safe and effective alternative to liposuction or surgery,” says Dr Sobia Syed of CareforSkin. The Exilis Ultra is the only device using a combination of monopolar radio frequency energy and ultrasound to stimulate the breakdown of fat and collagen remodelling (for skin tightening), helping to contour the body and face. Using state-of-the-art patented technology, Exilis Ultra applies controlled deep heat to the tissue causing the production of new collagen fibres to tighten loose skin and permanently reduce fat.

No needles, scarring or bruising, results can be visible after just two treatments or even immediately leaving sagging skin naturally tightened and truly radiant. The treatment is painless and there is no downtime. Generally, POPULAR TREATMENTS
Clinically proven for permanent fat loss, skin tightening and contouring on the following areas:

• Belly / abdomen
• Outer and inner thighs
• Buttocks
• Jaw line and jowls
• Neck
• Around the eyes
• Inner and outer arms
• Intima

Intima Treatment

The Exilis Ultra provides remarkable treatment for women to tighten and re-shape their intimate areas. This is a sought-after treatment. The non-invasive treatment enables firming, shrinking and remodelling of the vagina, improving the appearance and firming the surrounding areas. The treatment is painless, and there is no downtime.

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CareforSkin Aesthetics provide anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation procedures to help restore your natural beauty without the need for complicated surgery. Why not book a free consultation with Dr Sobia Syed.

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