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Thread vein treatment Lancashire

Facial thread veins: why they occur and how to treat them

Thread veins are broken and enlarged blood vessels that appear just beneath the surface of the skin. The web shape means they are commonly referred to as ‘spider veins’, and they often appear on the face and legs. People should not worry if they appear anywhere else on their body, however. Thread veins aren’t dangerous and do not cause any other symptoms. However, when they appear on prominent areas such as the face, they can prove unsightly and a nuisance to cover up, even with the heaviest makeup.

Why do we get thread veins?

Thread veins on the face can develop in anyone and at any age. However, some people might have an increased chance of developing broken veins than others. There are several contributing factors to the appearance of spider veins:

  • Genetic predisposition to experiencing thread veins. Some are more prone than others.
  • Excessive sun exposure, which can enlarge the blood vessels and draw them closer to the skin.
  • Changes in pressure such as hard sneezing or vomiting.
  • Changes in weather which can affect the circulatory system, causing the face to flush, bursting blood vessels.
  • Hormonal changes such as pregnancy can cause broken blood vessels, which usually disappear after giving birth.
  • Exposure to certain chemicals or pollutants which can damage the skin, making the blood vessels more visible.
  • A head injury which causes bruising can lead to broken blood vessels. However, in cases such as these, the blood vessels will often heal as the bruise diminishes.
  • Skin conditions such as rosacea which can cause flushing of the skin due to enlarged veins.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption, which can temporarily dilate the blood vessels. Frequent alcohol use can lead to longer-lasting broken blood vessels.

How can you treat thread veins on the face?

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can be treated for facial spider veins, ranging from physical removal using electrolysis to more modern, fast and pain-free technology. At CAREFORSKIN we offer laser thread vein removal, using the Cynosure Elite + laser, which emits a specially selected wavelength of light energy in short pulses on to the vein.

Light is absorbed into the vessel, causing it to coagulate. The body then breaks down the remaining vein, naturally. Laser is now one of the most effective, safe and long-lasting treatments available for the removal of spider veins and what’s more, the surrounding tissues remain unharmed; there is little to no downtime or side-effects.

In many cases, laser thread vein removal can work in as little as one treatment. However, a no-obligation consultation prior to treatment will help to determine how many sessions you will need.

Book a thread vein treatment consultation today

Worried about facial thread veins? Fed up of covering them with makeup? Book a consultation with the CAREFORSKIN team today and see what laser thread vein removal could do for you. We have Lancashire clinics in Clitheroe and Burnley. Contact us today to make your appointment.

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