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3D Lipo Fat Freezing – Everything You Need To Know

Have you already tried exercise and dieting to get the sculpted body you want? Feeling tired of seeing stretch marks and saggy skin or excess fat in the mirror? What if we told you there’s an entirely non-surgical solution to get you feeling great about your body in time for summer?

As an alternative to invasive surgery, clinicians use 3D Lipo fat freezing to get you real results. This medical fat freezing treatment reduces stubborn fat using your body’s natural processes. With this innovative and safe procedure, you can expect 20-40% fat reduction in just a single session.

Here’s everything you need to know about 3D Lipo fat freezing.

What is 3D Lipo Fat Freezing?

If you’ve struggled with the appearance of fat or sagging skin, liposuction isn’t your only option. For anyone looking for a non-surgical option, 3D Lipo fat freezing is an effective alternative. This treatment freezes fat cells in your target areas, such as arms, legs, abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks, destroying them so that your body can naturally remove them over the coming weeks. 

It’s common to feel self-conscious because of these areas of fat, and they can be due to a huge number of reasons such as genetics, family history, diet and lifestyle. Whatever the cause of your problem areas, 3D Lipo could be the answer.

The freezing treatment destroys the fat cells permanently, allowing your body to flush them out naturally. The result is a clear and targeted reduction of fat, giving you the confidence boost you desire. 

How Does 3D Lipo Work?

3d Lipo

This treatment is also called cryolipolysis, which refers to the fat freezing process. The specialist machine we use reaches a temperature of -9℃ where it is applied to your chosen pockets of fat. 

As fat cells have a weak structure they cannot survive these temperatures and so they’re completely destroyed. This cell death is called apoptosis and is a totally safe treatment. 

Cells are removed from the body by your natural lymphatic system, leaving you with less fat and no surgery scars.

Would I Need Further Treatment To Remove The Dead Cells?

One of the best aspects of 3D Lipo is that no further treatment is needed. Once your fat cells have been destroyed, your body will get rid of them through normal processes using your lymphatic drainage system. 

You should drink two litres or more of water a day following your single session, as this supports your body as it flushes the dead cells from your body. 

Thanks to this fast-acting natural process, you’ll start to see results on your body in just seven days, with the full results showing over the coming months. 

Why Is 3D Lipo A Better Option Than Surgery?

Why should you choose 3D Lipo fat freezing over more traditional options like surgery? What are the benefits of this treatment over liposuction? 

Surgery is an effective procedure, but it’s traumatic for the body and it’s certainly not for everybody. In many cases, clinicians are able to help you reduce fat and sculpt your body shape without all of the drawbacks of surgery.

3D Lipo uses a fat freezing machine that is pressed to the skin, but it doesn’t break the skin. This means you won’t have to worry about scarring and you certainly won’t need stitches. Because you’re not waiting for wounds to heal or to have stitches removed, you don’t need to plan for a lengthy recovery time. 

Choosing fat freezing over surgery has the benefit of being a much cheaper and safer option. If you’re searching for a way to achieve your body goals without a high cost and the risks of anaesthesia, then fat freezing is the option for you.

Is 3D LipoSafe?

3D Lipo fat freezing takes advantage of normal processes in your body, making it incredibly safe.

The fat freezing aspect does not harm any layers of your skin, targeting only the fat cells which cannot survive the treatment. 

You may experience some redness or swelling, but there is no downtime following your session, and you’ll be able to enjoy your normal lifestyle without painful side effects.

How Much Is 3D Lipo?

The cost of fat freezing can vary. Most clinicians charge per area treated. The price of a single session treatment in one specific area starts from around £110. Many clinics, like us here at Dr Sobia Medispa, offer packages that include multiple areas so you can see a dramatic transformation in your physique.

3D Lipo – The Results

The results of fat freezing will become noticeable after one week, but the full extent of your body transformation will develop over four months following your treatment. 

You can expect to see shaping of your targeted areas and a reduction in the appearance of fat.

3d Lipo

Ready For A Body Transformation?

If you’re looking for a way to bring back your body confidence, 3D Lipo fat freezing could be the answer to your body hang-ups.

Because fat freezing treats specific problem areas and fat pockets, you can target the areas that affect your self-image and ultimately improve your quality of life. 

If you’d like to know more about how fat freezing can help sculpt your body the way you want, take a look at our 3D Lipo treatments page for more information.